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Portugal has five new stars in the 2022 Michelin Guide

A restaurant in Lisbon, one in Porto, one in Alentejo and two in the Algarve joined the list. The country now has 33 starred houses!

Esporão restaurant lounge, in Alentejo: two stars at once, one of them in green. Credit: Bruno Barata/Reproduction

The 2022 edition of the Michelin Guide for the Iberian Peninsula was launched last week and five new restaurants were awarded one star, adding to the list that already had 21 houses. Portugal now has 33 award-winning restaurants and a total of 40 stars, an unprecedented feat in the history of the country's gastronomy. It is clear that it is not yet at the feet of the stars of Spain, with whom it shares the pages of the publication, it has not even reached the maximum rating of three stars, but it is good news, especially for one detail: decentralization. Among the five winners, only one is in Lisbon and one in Porto. The others are spread across the south of the country, between the Alentejo and the Algarve. If you like to include special meals when planning trips, keep an eye out for these new highlights:

Esporão – Reguengos de Monsaraz, Alentejo

Chef Carlos de Albuquerque Teixeira, from Esporão: creativity and “zero waste”. Credit: Disclosure / Disclosure

Immersed in the award-winning vineyards of Herdade do Esporão, in a property that dates back to 1267, the Alentejo restaurant has a Nordic-style room and large glass walls that reveal the surrounding scenery, including a scenic lake. The kitchen, led by chef Carlos de Albuquerque Teixeira, calls itself a terroir kitchen, focused on local produce (which either comes from its own organic garden or from small producers). About 180 kilometers away from Lisbon, it is an ideal program for a full day – the property organizes wine and olive oil tastings and activities such as picnics or bike rides. With a zero waste proposal, the restaurant also won a green star, a distinction for houses with sustainable proposals.

A Ver Tavira – Tavira, Algarve

Dessert from the Restaurant A Ver Tavira: one of the good news of the Algarve. Credit: Disclosure / Disclosure

With a beautiful view over the River Gilão and the city, chef Luís Brito's house proposes an interpretation of international recipes based on regional ingredients, with contemporary touches. Among the three tasting menus, one is vegetarian. Prices range from €60 to €125 per person and pairings from €35 to €75.

Al Sud – Lagos, Algarve

Dessert from Al Sud, also in the Algarve. Credit: Disclosure / Disclosure

The restaurant at Palmares Resort Clubhouse has its biggest inspiration in the Atlantic, with a focus on fish and seafood from the Algarve coast. In charge of the kitchen, chef Louis Anjos has been in great restaurants, including Martín Berasategui, one of the most traditional three stars in the Basque Country.

Cura - Lisboa

Cura restaurant lounge, inside the Four Seasons Ritz. Credit: Disclosure / Disclosure

Inserted in the Four Seasons Hotel Lisbon, a hotel that underwent recent renovation, the restaurant led by chef Pedro Pena Bastos proposes creative recipes that arrive at the table in dishes that look more like works of art. Among his signature creations are Squids, as a main dish, a recipe that uses hazelnuts, bergamot, roasted seaweed butter and caviar; and Figs, for dessert: to accompany the fruit, beetroot, lemon and “reindeer moss”.

Villa Foz – Porto

Inside the Villa Foz Hotel e Spa, member of the Design Hotels seal, and a few steps from Praia do Homem do Leme, chef Arnaldo Azevedo proposes contemporary cuisine where textures and flavors stand out. Open for dinner only. Sustainability In time: Portugal won another green star, a certificate of sustainability, for a restaurant that is already part of the country’s select group of two Michelin stars: Il Gallo d’Oro, in Funchal, Madeira Island. This was the country's debut year in this category.

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