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In order to guarantee the quality and excellence service that I proposed when I entered this field, our team provides several services that are essential for the successful sale of your property.

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Market research

I carry out a market study to let you know the offer of other properties with characteristics and location similar to yours and that are available on the market, so that we can adjust the price of your property.


Disclosure and Promotion

a) Flyers and Brochures

b) Professional Photography

c) Website

d) Social Networks

e) Plates

f) Street Actions



Customers to whom I will show your property have already undergone a qualification in order to maximize the sale result and the speed of the deal.



I will be in constant contact with you not only over the phone, but also in meetings to present follow-up reports.


Marketing Plan

A personalized marketing plan is developed in order to reach the appropriate target audience for the property's profile in order to sell for the best value in the shortest time.


Property Presentation

I prepare the property for the visit, checking that everything is in the best possible condition. I coordinate visit schedules with colleagues and buyers.

Let's work together?

Would you like to be part of my team?

Send me a whatsapp or an email so we can arrange a coffee:

      +351 916 267 429

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