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China builds 1st worker-free (and 3D-printed) dam

The construction of this dam is similar to a 3D printing. Project is led by Tsinghua University.

The construction sector in China made a new advance in the automation of works with the project of the Yangqu dam, a hydroelectric plant in the foothills of Tibet that aims to be completed in 2024. And all this, through the use of artificial intelligence, using excavators, trucks , tractors, etc., without a single worker, and raising the wall 180 meters high as layers of 3D prints. The project is led by Tsinghua University, which claims that the construction of this dam is similar to a 3D printing, launching a large number of automated machines that work in unison. The dam, which is already under construction, will be built layer by layer, centralizing the entire fleet of trucks, tractors and excavators with artificial intelligence, that is, autonomous workers instead of humans. "These characteristics of the system make it considered a giant 3D printer", say the university's scientists. The project is expected to be completed in 2024, supplying the inhabited areas on the upper reaches of the Yellow River, where 100 million people live. Currently, the mining phase is underway to extract the materials and in this field they needed traditional labor.

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