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10 fantastic places to visit in Sesimbra

Just cross the Tejo River to visit Sesimbra, a village dedicated to the sea, full of traditions. These are must-visit places. 😍

There is no doubt that Sesimbra is also known for its famous and “secret” beaches, but in this town there is much more to discover: cultural traditions linked to the sea, monuments and even urban art, which has spread throughout the town in recent years .


The connection to the sea, as with Setúbal, which is nearby, is quite visible in the gastronomy rich in fish and seafood, always of high quality. Come with us on this trip to one of the most charismatic villages in our country. In this guide we will introduce you to many other places of interest: 1 – The beaches of Sesimbra There is no turning back: talking about Sesimbra is talking about its spectacular beaches, such as Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo, the most “secret”, or Praia do Meco, one of the most famous nudist beaches, but which is also frequented by many families. So, without further ado, here is our list of the best and most “secret” beaches in Sesimbra.


2 – The marginal The seafront in the village of Sesimbra, whether by day or night, is one of the busiest areas, always full of people strolling from one side to the other, on the terraces and restaurants or on their way to the main beach of the village. Between the beaches of Ouro and California you will find Fortaleza de Santiago, also known as Forte da Praia or Forte da Marinha. It's a 17th century monument and from here you'll be able to look at the sea as if you were on a balcony.

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3 – Shelter Port There is no place more relaxing than a Shelter Port, and Sesimbra invites you to walk most days. It is also here that you will find most of the companies that propose you to get to know the town of Sesimbra from another perspective: on foot, by bicycle or by sea. Here you can rent diving equipment, canoes, enjoy a boat trip or a sailing adventure, among other interesting and more or less radical proposals.


4 – Stroll through the “artistic” streets The streets of Sesimbra have had more color since 2014, when the City Council challenged a group of artists to paint the doors and windows of old buildings of the Old Urban Center. The result is visible to all, with spectacular works in several streets of the village. Since then, other challenges have been carried out, which have given more life to close to 50 doors, windows, walls and walls, which has made this part of the town even more touristy.


5 – Cape Espichel Anyone going to Sesimbra has a mandatory stop at Cabo Espichel, about 15 kilometers from the town. Here you'll find dinosaur footprints and, of course, one of the most amazing scenery in Portugal, with the Church of Nossa Senhora do Cabo Espichel in the background. In addition to the church, you will find the inns, the Ermida da Memória, the Opera House, in ruins, the Hortas dos Peregrinos, the Casa da Água, the aqueduct and, of course, the imposing lighthouse.


6 – Any restaurant with fresh fish of the day The gastronomy of the village of Sesimbra is closely linked to the sea and, therefore, almost all the restaurants serve the freshest fish and seafood in the region. You can prove this statement in any restaurant that has a window with the catch of the day at its door. Then choose, from the vast menu, what you like the most. We suggest the characteristic grilled fish, the most sought after and which leaves, through the streets of the village, a “hypnotizing” aroma.


7 – Sesimbra Castle From the village onwards, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the imposing castle that towers over one of the hills. It is over 850 years old, is the last medieval castle along the Portuguese coast and has been classified as a National Monument since 1910. Access to Sesimbra Castle can be done by car or on foot, but the path is not very easy, so if you decide to go along the walking paths (which is our suggestion), you should be in good physical shape. Once inside, you will be able to enjoy a spectacular view over the village, in addition to being able to visit the exhibitions on the two towers.


8 – Serra da Arrábida Sesimbra “shares” with Setúbal the magnificent and verdant Serra da Arrábida, one of the most beautiful in our country. Whatever the time of year you visit it, it will always be to die for, with dense and very diverse vegetation, where maquis stand out. The Serra da Arrábida Natural Park, which has been in existence since 1976, has an area of ​​about 10,500 hectares and, in addition to the vegetation, you can also enjoy caves, castles and a breathtaking landscape that covers a large part of the country. Sado Estuary and, on the other side, the Tróia Peninsula. Here is our suggestion to climb to the highest point of the mountain, Serra do Risco. Then tell us about your experience!


9 – Lagoa de Albufeira Yes, it's true that we already talked about beaches in point 1, but Lagoa de Albufeira is different: it offers the best of three worlds: the lagoon, the sea and the pine forest. It is formed by two lagoon systems connected by a channel: the Little Lagoon, more inland and shallower, and the Grande Lagoon, with a maximum depth of about 15 meters. On the north bank and by the sea, as this Lagoon is connected to the Atlantic Ocean, there are several areas of sand perfect for families to have fun. It is also a popular spot for sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing or canoeing. Here you will also find the Interpretative Space of Lagoa Pequena, where several routes and observatories are available that allow you to appreciate the wide variety of birds that live and nest in this Special Protection Area for Birds.


10 – Maritime Museum of Sesimbra The Maritime Museum of Sesimbra is located inside the Fortaleza de Santiago, next to the main beach of the village. It is in this museum that you will learn about Sesimbra's connection to the sea and fishing, a journey that has been around for 5,000 years. You can buy your ticket at the reception, next to the Tourist Office at the entrance to the Fortaleza, and then visit the various spaces. And don't forget to go to the wall facing the sea… the view is incredible. In July and August, this space is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 3:30 pm and 7:00 pm, and between 8:30 pm and 11:00 pm.



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