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About Us

The story of a team that does not give up in the face of adversity

We are a team of specialists who are always available to help our clients realize their dreams! Because we don't just sell houses, we sell dreams.


We do everything so that your property is sold for the best value in the shortest amount of time.





It all started at Covil Marginal. Inês, who was in charge of Marketing at the lair, found herself in 2019 on the verge of death, with no way out. The snakes were managing to suck the last drop of blood from her.

Until Rafaella appears, and with her enchanting snake powers she managed to tame them, and of course Inês was eternally grateful and since then she hasn't let go of Rafaella and they became friends forever.

With Rafaella came Fernando who, despite being silent, managed to be a support and helped in the enchantment. Acacio comes in later. Still with a very healthy environment and the snakes very calm. Rafaella just whistled and they all got up.

Until suddenly a cobra arrived, the worst of the species, and managed to make all the snakes that already existed lose any enchantment so far created by Rafaella. There was no way out, Rafaella tried in every way but the cobra's venom was too powerful.  

We were almost sucked in, we started to get dark, without light... Our only way out was to escape before it was too late. Inês was almost on the verge of death again. But it all came together. Rafaella managed to find a safe place for us to shelter and be welcomed as we always deserved.

Our story is a story of victory.

We have remained together from start to finish, and together we are today, stronger than ever ready to provide the excellent service that our customers so deserve.

Rafaella | Real Estate Experts



Our Team

apres. consultores

When I arrived in Portugal, I saw real estate as an opportunity to continue working from people to people, which was always what I most enjoyed doing. When people ask me what makes me feel fulfilled, my answer always sounds cliché but the truth is that helping people achieve their dreams is what moves me.



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My name is Fernando Salgueiro, like the tree of life. Since I was a teenager I have always been an entrepreneur. I liked to help people and I wanted to have my financial independence.

I decided to embark on this journey of coming to Portugal in 2018 when I bought a property, still in Brazil, and moved here with my family.

I was invited by Rafaella to join an audacious project at RE/MAX as a member of the team in 2019. Since then I have helped our clients in their tireless search for their dream home. For Brazilians who intend to live here, I have my own experience to share.

In our team we help people with creative solutions tailored to their needs.

Always ready to help. That's my motto.


I'm Inês Lemos.

Perfectionist and stubborn, I'm thirsty to learn things in my area and beyond. I don't rest until I find out how to do something I didn't know before.

Passionate about sport, more precisely functional training and running, I have in me the ability to persist even when my strength starts to fail. I take it to every area of my life.


In addition to a course in Human Resources Management, I specialized in Digital Marketing as I have had a very strong connection with audiovisual and digital since I was a child.


My goal and focus for "Rafaella Real Estate Experts" is to make our service reach the greatest number of people and that this reach is segmented and qualified. Our content prioritizes the "pains" of our customers and knowing how to resolve these doubts is our mission.


I also have a great passion for video and being able to transmit emotions through this means of communication is what motivates me the most!


I am available for any clarification via e-mail:

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