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Average sale price of houses stood at 372 thousand euros in January

The average home sales price in Portugal stood at 372 thousand euros in January 2022, a value that was the highest compared to the entire previous year, with the exception of December (372,017 thousand euros), but which represents an increase of 6.9% compared to January 2020, when the average housing sale price was 347,995 thousand euros, according to data from the Barometer of the Imovirtual platform released this Monday, January 31. The districts with the highest growth in the average value of houses in January compared to the previous month were Évora, where the price increased by 6.1% and reached 262,293 thousand euros, compared to 247,197 thousand euros in December, followed by Viseu, which rose 5.1%, from 176,549 thousand euros to 185,617 thousand euros. The district of Beja was also growing (5%), with a cost of sale of 147,388 thousand euros in January, while Portalegre recorded the biggest drop in the average value (-2.3%), going from 125,893 thousand euros in December to 122,997 thousand euros in January. Compared to the same period last year, Évora once again had the biggest increase in the average sale price (+34.7%), from 194,801 thousand euros in January 2021 to 262,293 thousand euros in 2022. Autonomous Region of Madeira (+18%) and Setúbal (+15.2%), with Guarda remaining, for the eighth month, as the district with the biggest drop in average value compared to the same period last year (- 5.9%), from 119,444 thousand euros in 2020 to 112,365 thousand euros in 2021.

Leases fell close to 2% Looking at the rental segment, there was a slight decrease of 1.9% in the average rental price, which stood at 1,046 euros in January, compared to 1,066 euros in December. Compared to the same period in 2021, when the average value was set at 1,029 euros, there was a slight growth of 1.7%. In relation to January 2021, the average value of rents increased in Viana do Castelo (+7.9%), with the rent set at 617 euros, followed by Portalegre, with an increase of 6.8% and a income of 391 euros. Bragança (-18.3%) had the most significant drop in average rent in January compared to December, which went from 437 euros to 357 euros, followed by Vila Real (-8.4%), with rent down from 511 euros to 468 euros. Compared to January 2020, Viana do Castelo also presented the largest increase in rents (+19.8), rising from 515 euros to 617 euros, followed by Porto, with a growth of 19.2%, rising from 868 euros to 1,035 euros euros in 2022. In turn, Beja was again the district with the biggest drop in January (-31.9%) compared to the same month of the previous year, going from 643 euros to 438 euros.

Fonte: O Jornal Económico

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